Best Pillow For Side Sleepers

By | 13th December 2018

BrookStone Bio-Sense 2-in-1 Shoulder Pillow for Side Sleepers. Brookstone created this memory foam pillow with a specific shape to support side sleepers. As a side sleeper who needs support for the back and neck, one writer tested a range of different pillows to find the best one, including options from Wamsutta, Parachute, Brookstone, Snowe Home Fair Interlocking polyester pillows have a fuller shape, which provides more support to side sleepers, but shredded polyester pillows flatten easily and are not recommended Moldability: In addition to the qualities listed in the table above, moldability is a pillow characteristic that is somewhat unique to side sleepers. Xtreme Comforts Shredded Memory Foam Pillow (standard) Best for side-sleepers. Moldable and adjustable, with excellent support for side-sleepers, this is also one of the most affordable pillows we tested. Even though the pillow is perfect for side sleepers, it is also appropriate for back- and stomach-sleepers as well. This is mainly thanks to the somewhat unique, butterfly-like shape and memory foam material. The Best Pillows For Side Sleepers Getty Images If you tend to turn on your side while sleeping, these firm, adjustable, and total-body options were made for you. .

Best Pillows for Side Sleepers If you ask most doctors, chiropractors, or sleep experts about the best sleeping position, most will recommend sleeping on your side. Side sleeping can be great for keeping your body in alignment and preventing excess pressure on your spine. For a side sleeper, the best pillow would be the one that is sweet and lofty, but not too loose, has the ability to cover the head-shoulder gap, provides maximum support to the neck curve and can accommodate the head, neck and shoulder area in a way to keep the spine in a straight position. If you’re a multiposition sleeper, the best pillow for you might have softer and firmer sections, or one that’s lower in the center (for back sleeping) and higher on the sides (for side sleeping). But, there is a solution for that, and it’s not some complicated machine or a mouthpiece. In most cases of light snoring, it’s just a matter of finding the right pillow and head elevation. If you sleep on your side, you will rarely snore anyway, so this is a back sleeper problem most of the time. .

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